What is ZalTV and what services does it provide?

18 August 2021
1 min read
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ZalTV.co is an easy & free way to watch your IPTV playlist

in our platform you don’t need to enter long URLs in your TV or use URL shorteners anymore. Add your m3u playlist in our site and get a short activation code to use on your device with ZalTV.co Player .

Also, IPTV providers can convert their m3u links to ZalTV Code and provide them to customers so that the m3u link is not specified and they do not have blocking problems.

Create your code in 4 steps

1 – login to the site, and if you do not have an account on our site, sign up and then login


2 – in your dashboard tab click on “Create Code” button


3 – in “create code” page you need IPTV Playlist url (like m3u, m3u plus, …), and then select your code expiration date (or duration)

* if you dont have IPTV Playlist (m3u), you can get m3u link in our Github (early expiration and limited number of channels without movies and series) or buy our premium service (more than 100,000 channels with movies and series) from here (you can only request a trial once).

* if you have EPG URL (TV Guide), select “Include EPG” checkbox and put url in the field

* if you want use code on one device, select “Lock to a single device” checkbox. if you want use on more device, unselect that.

* in the code expiration section, you can choose between date or duration (max one year). with “duration” you can specify the code expiration time (like => 2 Hours, 3 Day, 1 Week or 6 month)

* in “Notes” you can enter the note you want for the code (displayed only in the dashboard)


4 – your activation code is ready you can use it on ZalTV.co Player .